Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I’m going home today! I am awake at this ridiculous hour this morning because they have already been in and woken me up with obs and drugs and they even wanted me to get up and be weighed - thank god for dialysis, it hasn’t finished yet so there is no point weighing me until it does.

I FINALLY watched Underworld last night and it was pretty good - even though the main vampire was played by the aging rocker from Love Actually - he was pretty good though so that was ok - the others in it were good although I didn’t recognise many of them Kate Beckinsdale (sp?) was a pretty good miserable vampire.

OK - panic over I’m NOT resistant to vancomycin - what a relief! I have in fact got a bug which is resistant to vancomycin but it doesn’t make me ill - it was grown from the tip of my last femoral line - now if only Archie had told me that days ago he would have saved me some panic!

I’ve just seen the docs - good old Dr Nick and Dr Sanjay (who aren’t really very old) - and apparently my x-ray is fine (amazing how much pain you can get when you are “fine”) and I can go home tonight yippee!!! I can ring mum in a minute and tell her the good news - I must remember to get an address for Patientline so I can write and complain - I still have not seen anyone or had a working TV or phone the whole time I was in here - now I know that a few years ago no one had a working TV or phone when they were in hospital but if the facility is there, it should work don’t you think? Or I should at least have seen a person come up to my room to tell me it can’t be fixed and apologise. Can’t you just tell I am feeling better today?

I don’t really want to start packing too soon as I will just end up unpacking it again before I go - it is almost lunch time so I don’t have that long to go - my legs are aching and sore so I think I might take a walk downstairs to see if I can get them moving again, I’m sure they feel worse today because I didn’t do much walking about yesterday. At least I am not feeling so sick today although I still haven’t been to the toilet - hopefully once I get home and moving around more and eating better food I will get back to normal. My ears are ok - after the piercing, I haven’t been cleaning them as often as I should while I’ve been in here but I have been turning them every day and they feel fine, it would have been very embarrassing if they had got infected and I had to admit that to the doctors. I am so looking forward to going to sleep tonight - I will have Clooney with me probably as she gets a bit clingy when I first come out of hospital - she’s so gorgeous I can’t wait to get home - Ash will be pleased to see me as I still have some wotsits left for him to share with me.

Lunch will be a mystery for me today as Chris ordered it for me when I was out yesterday - I almost missed breakfast this morning - after complaining about being woken up I sat there waiting for the breakfast trolley which didn’t arrive so I was thinking they must be running late when Chris came in and asked me if I wanted anything now as she had been unable to wake me up earlier! So I had missed the trolley altogether! How embarrassing - luckily Chris was nice enough to come back and check on me and got me a cup of tea and some cornflakes.

Well, the doctor said he would get a nurse to come and take out my femoral line now - that was about 15 minutes ago so I doubt it will happen very fast. Nothing ever does in this place - unless you don’t want it to…. I am now fed up with typing and so I will finish here and maybe type some more when I am bored later.

Ok so I am REALLY bored now - I had to leave C5 as they needed the bed and so I am sitting in the discharge lounge where I’ve been since around 2:30pm - the TV is not even on and I am surrounded by three old men and a very old woman who keeps taking her false teeth out and putting them on the table. The other guys are all moaning about having to wait for transport and one of them is moaning because his daughter keeps ringing to find out if he has gone already and yet she won’t come in and get him herself - I am just bored to death and getting stiffer every minute and I am also starving hungry and yet it will be late before mum can get to me - probably nearer 7pm - well the discharge lounge shuts at 7pm so I hope she gets here before or else I will be waiting out in the car park when she gets here and it’s bloody cold and wet out there. I assume they will give us a sandwich at 5pm and maybe some soup so I won’t wait for mum though I will suggest we get a Burger King before we drive home - and we canshare it in the car with Ash (because there’s no way mum will come and get me even though she knows I am in the discharge lounge, until she has gone home and picked up Ash first, fed the animals, had a fag and then she might get in the car and come and get me. I did call Dagan - he was off sick and said he would come and get me only he didn’t think it would be a good idea as he had a stinking cold that I didn’t want to catch - he sounded rough - I offered to look after him and Rolo but he managed to persuade me it was a bad idea - I was just so desperate to get home - though I didn’t have keys so I would have had to go home with him - anyway the last thing I need is a bad cold for Christmas - I intend to be happy and healthy this Christmas - infact I don’t think I want him visiting on Sunday if he is still ill - Angela will have to come with Rolo on her own!

Ok so that wasted about 10 minutes not quite what I was hoping - I wish I could just close my eyes and then it be 7pm already - listen to me - wishing my life away - it’s weird that there are thousands of people around the world who would give anything to have a couple of hours off to do sod all except rest. Probably just as many who would like to stay home all day, every day - which I do like, I just wish I still had the full time wages to go with all that free time.

I must remember to ring the hospital in the morning and rearrange my interview if possible for the ward clerk job on F6. it’s only 6 hours a week which I should be able to manage but will give me a bit more adult contact during the week - not that I don’t love spending my days talking cat and dog but it would just be nice to feel useful again - even if only for a few hours a week. Then I have the medical exams to do on the 15th and 16th - if there are any final year students reading this who are likely to be seeing me in their exams - PAY ATTENTION!! There is a lot to take in!! Though I will be able to tell if you have read my blog or not. Would that be considered cheating? Would they have to declare they knew me? I’m sure most of the students at Addenbrookes have examined or talked to me at one stage or another, I’d like to see Rugby player Tom again - the one who had me squeeze his thigh to keep my blood flowing (I think he just wanted his thigh squeezed actually) that would go down well in an exam wouldn’t it “Oh yes I can’t examine this patient she has squeezed my thigh in the past”

Ok, that was another ten minutes if I can do that three more times I might make it to 5pm then I only have another 2 hours after that OH MY GOD I will die of boredom - I can feel my veins and muscles shutting down as I type - death is very near….

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