Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Woo hoo I'm alive and I'm at home!! I had the best night's sleep and then I got up and felt well enough to go out walking with mum and Ash and to meet the crowd who are up there every morning no matter what the weather to walk their dogs - I finally met Oscar - the dog who plays with Ash quite roughly every morning and little Sammy and Jet were up there too.

I am amazed that I was able to walk this morning - last night I must have overdone the walking as I seized up completely and could barely put any weight on my leg - I went to bed in tears and it took me ages to fall asleep but I woke up pain free. After the walk this morning my knee and thigh are a bit sore but my so called "bad" leg feels fine - it's my "good" leg now that is causing the most pain - it's hard to believe my x-ray was ok when it all hurts this much.

Mum has just gone to work and so it is just me and the animals now in the house - I have stacks of videos to catch up on and a nice big TV to reintroduce myself to the delights of the media and see what's happening in the world - after a week in hospital with no TV and me too lazy to read the newspaper I am feeling a bit cut off from the world!

Catcha later!

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