Saturday, December 11, 2004

Wow - I have broadband!! I just loadeed up the software and I even sent a photo via email and it went in seconds! How exciting - it was much easier to do than I thought which makes me think that I haven't done it right - still, it seems to be working although i am not really interested in doing much on here right now - I still have about 15 more Christmas cards to make and I have a yoghurt waiting to be eaten too with a cup of tea.

I will add that i forgot to mention the Late Night Shopping last night - it was good fun - very noisy and a bit to crowded for my liking - I felt very intimidated walking around town - luckily I just hung on to mum's arm most of the time - I won a fluffy unicorn on a stall for not getting the big prize - and then I won a bottle of red wine on the Cat's Protection League Stall - typical - I also got a letter in the post from CAPD telling me which alcohol has the most potassium and phosphate in it - you guessed it, red wine.

I made it once along the High Street before my knee gave out and as I wondered alone back to the car a "gang of youths" approached me and shouted that I "look like a fucking dildo" this, I assume was a reference to the pink woolly hat I was wearing but I rose above it and ignored them. I wish I had been well enough and brave enough to whack them all with my stick. Bastards.

So all that shopping last night - and then Christmas Card Making today has left me feeling very festive - plus I got a new pair of pyjamas with reindeer on which I will wear at the medical exams next week.

Well this internet lark seems much faster already so I guess I did do it right after all!


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