Monday, December 06, 2004

Wow it is the 6th of December already - Sunday was pretty boring - my bowels are not playing the game and so I reduced to typing about them - it is a sad time indeed when all you have to say about a day involves your bowels - I am still bunged up and I feel dreadful - I was in tears Saturday night - and the nurse came running in saying “Oh Jo! What’s wrong darling? Have you hurt yourself” to which I replied (totally feeble and pathetic voice in between huge sobs) “I c c c can’t g g go to the t t t t oilet wahhhh!” so they gave me picolax - with no effect then they tried suppositories - I won’t go in to details - had a small result but nothing since - I feel like I am blowing up - last night I was sick again and I am sure it was just because there is no room left inside me for any more food.

Mum came in to visit and so I went outside and sat with Ash - sharing a packet of wotsits he seemed pleased to see me, until all the wotsits were gone then he just curled up in the back of the car and went to sleep - I missed a big “family” day yesterday when Dagan, Angela, Rolo and Uncle Brian came over for lunch so mum cooked (yes she cooked and didn’t stress about it!) and they all had a wonderful time - without me. She cooked my Butternut squash that I had bought - I’ve never cooked it before and I had plans for that squash but they ate it - to be fair she did bring some cold butternut mash in for me to eat which was quite nice.

She also told me that she has bought a tommy tippee cup for me when I go hypo - seeing as I twitch and have recently thrown whole cups of tea all over myself and the furniture when I’m low, she has now bought me an infant beaker so I will be able to drink the tea without making a mess - how sweet (actually it was my idea, although I was thinking of a more grown up version) I hope it doesn’t melt with a hot cup of tea in it - aren’t they meant for milk and juice?

Today I didn’t manage to eat much as I felt too sick - I went down to the medical day care unit for my Iron infusion - they had saved my femoral line for them to use bu thte re was no one on staff qualified to use it so the PA put another line in - which Iwas very impressed with as no doctor up here had managed to find a vein for blood even and she got one straight away - in my foot. Still, it worked and I had my infusion - I’m back for two more over the next fortnight so I hope my foot lasts that long. I got back almost too late for lunch = not that I really fancied eating anything but I forced down some mash - and a yoghurt, then this afternoon. I was finally taken off for my hip x-ray - I saw a doctor when I got back - one of the lady docs I’ve seen on the ward but not met personally before and she was really nice - she seems a bit abrupt at first but she’s just nice really. She said they need to look at my x-ray, take out my line and then maybe home tomorrow - she didn’t seem to think my bowels were a problem.

I just had dinner - managed a bit more this time - cauliflower cheese and another diabetic jam tart - which was nice although I am feeling sick now.

Last night I watched 50 first dates which was actually pretty funny even though I can’t stand Adam Sandler or that Rob Schneider bloke. I like Drew Barrymore though and she was good in it - the bloopers reel was funny too and the featurettes on the DVD were good, even though I was almost asleep when I was watching them and trying to keep my eyes open. I think I will try Underworld tonight as I am not quite sure I am in the mood for Thunderbirds. Or I might just go to sleep…. If my bowels allow it.

I got to 9pm and I am so uncomfortable - I can’t get in a comfy position and I am too hot and sweaty - I wish I was at home where I can just fiddle with my bed until I am comfy then sleep under my fluffy duvet and be woken up the next morning by a little squeak as Clooney jumps up on the bed and pokes me in the face with her little paw. I really miss her when I am in here. She’s so cute.

The doc told me that when I go home I should be cosseted for a few days - I told mum this and she said I could “go blow” for cosseting and to tell my doctor that she doesn’t do cosseting. So I think we are clear about the cosseting now - it ain’t gonna happen! It must be nice to be cosseted, that word doesn’t look right but I’m sure it’s spelled that way hmm - you know some words never look right and the more you write them the more wrong they look.

Yesterday a nurse came in to do my obs - as I am being barrier nursed it was refreshing to see she actually was wearing gloves - however when she came in and after she had done my obs she wrote the results on her gloves - nothing wrong with that you imagine - however there were at least three other sets of results on her gloves so she hadn’t changed them when she came into me - fine barrier nursing I don’t think. I can’t see how you can possibly be barrier nursed in a room without a toilet anyway, I wish I’d said something but I get embarrassed and didn’t want to embarrass her - people die from embarrassment you know and I should remember that next time I am banged up in a room with MRSA and no drugs able to treat it.

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