Friday, December 10, 2004

Wow - this Christmas lark is tiring - today I have actually been working - on our Christmas cards - already we seem to have recieved hundreds and so my printing up 50 doesn't seem enough - mum will probably send those out and I do have good old standby bought cards for my friends - so if you don't get a hand made one please don't be offended - I just have too many people to send cards to this year.

I already have received Christmas money from my rich relatives which is lovely and tonight is Late Night Shopping in Haverhill so I am going in with mum - no doubt she will bring Ash too - but if I remember last year it is pretty hectic in town with lots of loud noises and flashing lights - not really sure Ash will appreciate it.

I haven't been sick again - and funnily enough I haven't taken tramadol again either - I think I can pretty much guarantee I will throw up if I take it again. I am slowly getting over the fall - my legs still hurts but it isn't unbearable unless I have been walking on it all day.

Next weeek is my busy week in Addenbrookes - I am in for another iron infusion on Monday - then I have Tuesday off and then Wednesday and Thursday I am a patient for the medical exams - although on Wednesday I have to get to F6 by 4:30 for an interview - which won't go on too late as it is their Christmas Party that night too! they sounded like a really nice bunch when I called today so that is a good sign!

Uh-oh Piper and Clooney are shouting at each other - they are both trying to sleep on the sofa and have suddenly realised they weren't alone.

Anyway back to my busy week, on Friday I have chiropody - so I can take my cards and sweeties in to them then - maybe I'll pop into C5 at the same time and drop off my best wishes to that lot - hopefully I will be able to walk in and OUT again without needing any medical assistance.

It's dark now so I should switch the lights on and get the garden sparkling!

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